54-40 or Fight
4 x 4 quilt block

As the name of their business implies, Tim and Molly Dunn are proud of their American heritage, particularly the military service of their families.  


Tim is an Iraqi war veteran who spent four years in U. S. Army; his parents served in the U. S. Navy.   Molly’s father was career Air Force so the family lived in Germany and all over the United States.


54-40 or Fight, a traditional quilt pattern, recalls the 1844 presidential campaign slogan used by James F. Polk to stress his platform of taking control over the entire Oregon Territory with the northern boundary latitude 54/40.  At that time the British had a joint claim over the territory.  After Polk defeated Henry Clay, the better known of the two candidates, he negotiated the Treaty of Oregon in 1846 to set the 49 degree latitutde boundary which still exists.  


The Dunns established their business in 2003 and moved to the Landrum location in 2009.  They specialize in printed items including apparel, banners, signs, decals and the like.     


The building formerly housed a doctor’s office, antique store and children’s boutique.


Hung February 2014

Funded by Tim and Molly Dunn and the Mary F. Kessler Fund/Polk County Community Foundation, Tryon, NC