Bow Tie
4 x 4 quilt block

This block comes from a childhood quilt made in 1973 by Estelle Crosby, affectionally known by Dr. Walters and his sister as Mamie Tell.  She had no grandchildren, but considered them as her family since she lived next door. 


She made this quilt completely by hand, each square cut from an old family pattern.  The blue gingham alternated with white for the top, cotton formed the middle layer and a flat white sheet was used for the back.  She used a quilting frame that belonged to her grandmother who died in the 1800s.  Several ladies from the church helped. 


“I would often go over after school to check on the progress to find the ladies around the quilt frame with their thimbles, needle and thread.  Lemonade and cookies were also available, so I had another reason for going next door,” said Dr. Walters.  “They used beeswax on the thread to keep it from breaking and to make the quilting process easier.  Mamie Tell said it belonged to her grandmother, so the quit I have had for 40+ years was made using 100-year-old beeswax.”


Dr. Walters used on his bed at home during his childhood and it also went to college with him.  He has now retired the quilt from use and has it carefully stored to pass on as an heirloom to his daughter or grandchild in the future.


Dr. Walters' story and the Bow Tie quilt block was featured in Suzi Parron's book, Following the Barn Quilt Trail, published in  2016.


Hung May 2014

Funded by Dr, Paul Walters and the City of Landrum