Jacob's Ladder
4 x 4 quilt block

Jacob’s Ladder is the quilt block installed at the Landrum Fire Station built in 1992. 


Symbolic colors are used in the block:  the black ladder for smoke, shades of red for fire and gold for the firemen’s shields.  


The city’s 28 volunteer firemen are responsible for the Landrum Fire District which extends far beyond the city limits and includes a section of I-26.


The  first station for the Landrum Fire Department, formed in 1949, was built across the road from the current station. The Landrum Fire Department slowly transitioned from primarily volunteer coverage to part-time/volunteer coverage in the early 2000's.  The department at this time was governed by the Mayor and City Council of Landrum.  


The district now covers the city limits of Landrum, outlying portions of Spartanburg County, and a smaller portion of Greenville County towards Lake Lanier which is governed by the Foothills Fire Service Area.  In 2015, the department transitioned into a special purpose fire district through state legislation, with a new governing body represented by the taxpayers of the district. Now known as the Landrum Area Fire & Rescue District, the department is composed of some 28 volunteer, full, and part-time personnel.


Hung September 2012    

Funded by the City of Landrum