Hogback Mountain
4 x 4 quilt block

Hogback Mountain, sponsored by the Petty Family, hangs at 130 N. Trade on a building they own adjacent to the Petty Funeral Home parking lot. 


The inspiration for the original landscape design was a photograph taken from Hogback Shadows, a family farm.


The Petty family has offered funeral services since the late 1800s when John Lawson Petty stocked handles and linings for homemade caskets in his store near Gowensville.


His son Tolly Woodson Petty sold caskets through Petty Mercantile Company in Gowensville, now site of The Spinx gas station.  He also provided a horse-drawn hearse for adults and a small white horse-drawn hearse for children.


In 1927, the business relocated to Landrum in a small brick building on Trade Street in what is now the Security Finance Company, then to the two story house which once housed The Country Mouse B&B.  Petty now occupies a brick building, constructed in the Seventies.  


Tolly’s son J. L. Petty II graduated in 1932 from Gupton Jones College of Mortuary Science in Nashville, TN.  Later he took post graduate courses and become the first licensed embalmer in northern Spartanburg County.


After his death in 1984, his son John L. Petty III took over the business.  He graduated from the Gupton-Jones Dallas Institute of Mortuary Science in 1965.


Joining him in the business now are his daughter Paula and her husband Shannon Dotson, both licensed funeral directors and embalmers, and his son John L. Petty IV, an apprentice funeral director.


The building at 130 N. Trade was originally half the present size.  Another half was added on the back at some point.  Before housing the popular restaurant Twigs, operated by Mac Phillips in the late Nineties, early Two Thousands, a bank which was the precursor to First Citizens Bank occupied the bottom floor.  On the second floor was a doctor’s office and an insurance agency run by Hoyt Prince.

Hung July 2015

Sponsored by the Petty Family