#34 & #35

Union Jack &
Old Glory

4 x 4 quilt blocks

Why does the Landrum Eclectics building feature both American and British quilt  blocks?


While the most obvious answer is the nationalities of the business owners John Dobson and Wayne Levister, historians might say the quilt blocks recognize the Revolutionary War skirmishes and activities which took place around the Landrum area.


Vendor rooms in the two-story farm house offer antiques, jewelry, holiday decorations and much more. A yard full of garden statuary enhances the front of Landrum Eclectics, which opened in July 2010.


John, a native of the Isle of Wight, England, worked in both the antique and banking trade in England and in a surf shop in California for a total of 28 years before settling in the Carolinas in 2003.


Joining John in the antique business, Wayne, a Landrum native, left the restaurant business after 32 years, the last 10 of which were with Fatz Café, with the last two years as general manager.    


The two describe themselves as specializing in anything and everything starting with a $1 price point.


Five years were spent remodeling the “4 down, 4 up” house, built in 1920 by the Williams family and occupied by the Howard family until 2005.   Wayne recalls that Mrs. Howard babysat children in this house in the Seventies and her daughter Janet attended Landrum High School.  Basketball game posters still adorn the walls of her previous bedroom.    


The business now sits on 1and 2/3 acres of what was originally a working farm of more than 25 acres.  The current house replaced an old cabin and was built with proceeds from growing cotton for the war effort during World War I, 1914-1918.


The quilt blocks, Old Glory and Union Jack, are modifications of Joyce Robinson’s design His Royal Union Jack and Angela Pingel’s Flag Day.  McCall’s Quilting magazine granted permission for their usage.  The patterns appeared respectively in the January/February 2014 issue and in July/August 2015 issue.


Hung May 2016

Sponsored by Landrum Eclectics and the City of Landrum