Ma Bridgeman's Feed Sacks
4 x 4 quilt block

Susie Bridgeman who lived on Bird Mountain was a prolific quilter who utilized whatever materials might be available, usually worn out clothes, as was the necessity in the early 1900s.


Her great grandson Roger Turner feels fortunate to have the one she fashioned with colorful feed sacks in a variety of patterns.   Barely visible through the backing of the quilt is a feed sack featuring the picture of a dog.


He explained that his great grandfather James Edgar (Pa) Bridgeman traded dogs so his wife, known to her family as “Ma,” obviously incorporated an empty dog food sack into her quilt.


The Bridgemans lived on McClure Hill and attended Fair View Baptist Church.  They were parents of 11 children, two of whom died in infancy.  Their daughter Bertha was Roger’s grandmother.


Roger’s great uncle Donald Bridgeman gave him this treasured quilt after a conversation when Roger said it would be nice to have one of Ma’s quilts to use as a quilt block on his business.


Uncle Donald, the youngest in the family, lives in the Bridgeman family home and is retired from Bommer Hinge.


A native of Tryon, Roger has operated Roger Turner Automotive since 1998, providing high quality repairs to all makes of automobiles.  His business is recognized with Automotive Service Excellence certification.  He began his career in automobile mechanics in 1980 working at Bob Laughter’s Interstate Gulf Station.  Many of his current customers date to his time at the Gulf Station.


Hung September 2016

Sponsored by Roger Turner and the City of Landrum