Log Cabin
6 x 6 quilt block

O.P. Earle Elementary School and the Landrum Quilters have worked together for more than 20 years. Not only did the school host the club’s first quilt shows but also LQ members have assisted the media center specialist, art teacher, gifted and talented teacher and others with quilting projects during this time.


Because of this long-time partnership, Nita High, then school principal, requested the tile floor in the 2008 cafeteria addition be laid in a Log Cabin quilt pattern. 


Therefore, this design was an natural choice for the school’s quilt block which hangs outside over the entrance to the school cafeteria, adding a colorful touch to the principal’s patio and sculpture garden.


Hung November 2012

Funded by the Mary F. Kessler Fund/Polk County Community Foundation, Tryon, NC