Moon Over The Mountain
4 x 4 quilt block

The Moon Over the Mountain quilt block is an easily recognized design because of the revival of traditional quilt patterns during the 1970s by Georgia Bonesteel, an internationally-recognized quilter from Flat Rock, NC .


Placing the block at the Landrum Library is a tribute both to Bonesteel who taught quilting at the previous library building in Landrum and who, in 1980, was one of the founders of the Landrum Library Quilt Club, now known as the Landrum Quilters.


Bonesteel  introduced a new generation to quilting through her long-running series on PBS and with her books, some of which featured quilts made by her fellow quilters in Landrum.


Hung November 2012

Funded by the Mary F. Kessler Fund/Polk County Community Foundation, Tryon, NC