Liberated Log Cabin
4 x 4 quilt block

The Liberated Log Cabin block, introduced in 1987 by Gwen Marston,  combines traditional and contemporary designs, both of which are reflected in the quilt shop and original patterns created by Robin Kaluahine, owner of Elaine’s Attic.


An internationally-recognized quilter and author Marston acknowledges that her inspiration for liberated quilting comes from antique blocks and quilts which lack the precision associated with quilts of today.


Robin traces her love of quilting to her mom and her Aunt Elaine.  When her mom found quilt pieces in the attic made by Robin’s grandmother,  she gave them to Elaine to sew together.  The result was a quilt each for Robin and her sister to pass down to their daughters.


Elaine’s Attic started from Robin’s addiction to quilting and her introduction to online selling through eBay.  The shop opened in her home in June 2007 and moved to its Landrum location in the historic Coach House building in April 2011.


Hung April 2013

Funded by Elaine's Attic and the Mary F. Kessler Fund/Polk County Community Foundation, Tryon, NC